18th century Italian decorated arrow artifacts against Sabina Fay Braxton fabric

Decorative Arrow Artifacts

Arrows symbolize of protection, strength, and courage. Gathered from 18th century Italy, Interi decorates these mecca arrowheads with coordinating baroque pearls and agate, placed on optical calcite bases to create a beautiful collection for striking home decor.

Looking back at history…

Arrows once represented spiritual weapons, usually carried by angels, dedicated to the service of God.

Arrows now provide a provocative interior accessory for a unique aesthetic, from the gold baroque pearls to the optical calcite.

Optical Illusion

Optical calcite is a very soft gemstone that displays beautiful bright colors when exposed to UV light. Optical calcite has double refraction, meaning that when rays of light enter the stone, it is split, causing a rainbow effect.

The Vikings used the light-polarizing property of optical calcite, which they called sunstone, to tell the direction of the sun on cloudy days, for navigational purposes.

The arrows are painted with a unique gilded mecca and are placed on Sabina Fay Braxton fabric, below.

Building a Mecca

Italian artisans developed mecca gilding in the 17th century. Mecca, invented in Naples in 1630, was originally derived from yellow or orange spice pigments such as saffron and turmeric imported from the Far East. Silver leaf is treated with varnish made with these natural pigments to create its gold-like patina.

18th century Italian mecca arrows with baroque pearls on a polished calcite bases.

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