Sunray Grouping

Shining a Light on 2021

Sunrays are symbols of light, radiating hope on this new year. Humans need the sun and its rays to grow physically and illuminate our days.

So, we at Interi welcome 2021 with hope and light after a tumultuous 2020 – encased in our collection of 18th century Italian sunrays with coordinating minerals.

History of the Sun: from Antiquity to Embellishment

Jean, Owner & Creative Director of Interi, collected the sunray artifacts from the Liguria, Umbria, and Tuscany regions of Italy. Each 18th century sunray served as a decorative motif part of the halos surrounding figures in religious art. These halos served as crowns of light rays, circling important people in art.

These rays have found a new home on iridescent kyanite, calcite crystal, angle plated quartz, celestite, and mica with garnets. The coordinating minerals compliment the delicate details of the sunray to bring the symbolic light beam to life.

18th century Italian sunray on a chalcopyrite mineral base decorated with baroque pearls and iridescent kyanite on polished agate.
18th century Italian sunburst decorated with calcite crystals on a calcite crystal base in matrix.

Sun(ray) in Focus

To the left is a feature of Interi’s sunray collection. Rare in its composition, the artifact contains gold and silver leaf with plates of antique mirror and stained glass.

The sunray originally came from a prestigious church in Tuscany. The minerals complement the details in the sunray – the three big sheet silicates of mica emulate the three ovals of the stained glass decoration. 

The artifact is decorated with tangerine crystal quartz points and a coordinating natural forming pearl within the formations of the mica.


The artifact is placed on a coordinating mica base encrusted with garnets in matrix. 

The garnets, which can naturally form in mica, coordinate with the stained glass. The silver leaf correlates with the color and texture of the mica itself.

Shining Forward

The sunray collection gives the artifacts new life when combined with baroque pearls, tangerine quartz crystals, and garnets. Put together in a sculptural form, the combination creates a piece that appears to have evolved together over time.

These sunrays interpret the past to create a historical yet modern piece that is entirely original… carried from 18th century history into a contemporary 2021.

18th century Italian sunray with tangerine crystal quartz points, baroque pearls, and fossil shells on angle plated quartz.
18th century Italian gold leaf sunray decorated with faden crystals and baroque pearl on an optical calcite base.

We at Interi wish you a beautiful and inspiring 2021!