Christmas in Italy

Decorating Ideas for an Italian-Style Christmas

Christmas in Italy is a truly magical time: holiday lights are lit from buildings to street corners, shop owners immaculately dress their front windows with spectacular decorations, and grandiose Christmas trees are displayed in front of the most legendary Italian Renaissance piazzas and duomos.

Christmas tree in Florence
Christmas tree lit in front of Florence Duomo.

Italians usually start decorating for the Christmas season on the Day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th. Soon after, work starts to slow down and friends and family begin to enjoy the holiday season by gathering with one another around something very important: food. Festivities and fellowship are shared over wine, fresh pasta, and panettone during the most wonderful time of the year. This sounds spectacular to many, but unfortunately 2020 has put a halt to many travel plans this season.

Although you may not be able to travel to Italy this year for Christmas, you can transform your home into an Italian Christmas wonderland with Interi’s collections. Jean O’Reilly Barlow, the founder and creative director of Interi, amassed a collection of rare 18th century, Italian, hand-carved, gold leaf tassel ornaments from Tuscany. These were once used to decorate churches for feast days. French and Italian decorators then started using them to embellished and dripped from 18th century chandeliers. These tassels can now be configured into holiday ornaments to adorn any christmas tree.

18th century Italian tassel ornaments
18th century Italian gold leaf tassel ornaments (pair of 5).
Table setting with 18th century Italian candlestick tops
Table setting with 18th century Italian fragments and candlestick tops.

Interi’s featured Christmas collection of decorated candlestick tops can also be used as holiday decoration. Each top was originally from an 18th century Italian candlestick. They have now been preserved and transformed with precious minerals, agate coral, and baroque pearls. They are put together in a sculptural form – creating a piece that appears to have evolved together over time. These miniature sculptures are a perfect way to adorn any table setting for a Rococo-style Christmas. 

We hope this inspires you as you transform your home for the holiday season. Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!


The Interi Girls