INTERI // Artifacts Reimagined

Interi creates one-of-a-kind art and sculptural pieces for inspiration & decoration. 

Here we share our original collections, the stories behind the pieces, our global travel to source the elements, and inspirational design to foster beauty in life. 

Interi pieces are not seen elsewhere in the creative world, composing sculptures with wooden fragment artifacts, minerals, precious, gems, agate coral, and fossil shells — creating a work of art that appears to have evolved together over time.

JEAN BARLOW // Founder & Creative Director

“As Ireland’s first supermodel, I was always surrounded by creativity. When my world of high fashion transformed into a world of art and design, I began to explore the French and Italian markets, collecting wooden artifacts whose beauty transcended brokenness.

Through Interi, I continue to create the bizarre and unusual with fossils and shells excavated from deep beneath the earth’s surface. I began on a quest to defy gravity and go beyond natural limitations, combining the minerals and showcasing them in their own right.”

Jean Barlow

Press + Features

Interi has been featured in Luxe Interiors + Design, Galerie, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and Blue Fish Digest magazine.

Interi has been shown at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York, Atlanta Mart in Georgia, High Point Market in North Carolina, Nashville Antique & Garden show in Tennessee, Marburger Antique Show & Dallas Mart in Texas, and Vegas Mart in Nevada.


 "The spirituality of Jean's work is what first caught my eye. There is a sense of a higher presence at play, a longing of these long ago cast off elements to be rediscovered in their rightful form as true works of art. They are being called to a higher purpose. I have always greatly admired the craftsmanship of the artisans from the past and the exquisite workmanship can be seen in each unique piece. Jean presents these works as true art all the while creating something unique and new. There is a marriage between man and nature that occurs in most elements of her work and this is where the spirituality truly takes flight."

Master of Plaster
Lauren Dillon
Executive Designer, Master of Plaster
18th century Italian fragment

 "The question is why do I buy fragments? The answer is easy to explain. Fragments represent a chance to own a piece of history from 17th or 18th century Italy. I have historical pieces throughout my house to remind me of the glory and grandeur that once existed. I admire and treasure fragments for the amount of time and thoughtfulness poured into each piece. It is a joy to study the details which reflect the artisan quality of the piece. I am drawn to fragments for the pure, natural beauty of the minerals and fossil shells. These elements are beautiful all on their own and when combined by Jean into a fragment creation, they become a work of art of the finest artistic quality."

Emily Manning for Interi
Emily Manning
Art Collector