Angel Wings

Angelic Decoration

Angel wings are prominent during the holidays, symbolizing protection, love and courage. They provide us with feelings of happiness, hope, and faith amidst turbulent times; a reminder of heaven while on earth. Angel wings invite this ethereal beauty into our home, from table pieces to wall décor. Dressed in gilt and gesso, the wings point us back to their history.

According to religion, angels leave the heights and elevated dwellings to approach mankind. Angels accomplish this heavenly descent with a light, airy nature, often as messengers to humans on earth. We have accepted and housed them among us. From wall décor to table centerpieces, the angel wings serve reminders of hope and protection. 

We collected these beautiful wings in gilt, gesso and gold, creating statements through an ethereal aesthetic.

American Mineral Treasures Book with Interi Collections
Interi has created a signature collection of decorated Italian angel wings to commemorate this holiday season. The sculptural angel wings combine 18th century Italian fragments with superb collector’s specimens of calcite crystals. This particular calcite crystal is featured in American Mineral Treasures (pg. 337).

Coming from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee, it is an example of some of the world’s finest forms of calcite. With the unusual formation of sphalerite, the calcite mineral is unequaled by those from any other part of the world.

To preserve the artifact and mineral’s rare and original beauty, Barlow (above, Interi Founder & Creative Director) works to showcase the pieces in a new sculptural form. The matrimony of the mineral and artifact creates a piece that appears to have evolved together over time. Each detail looks as though it organically grew from the fragment artifact — perfecting the art of illusion and evoking man-made evolution.

Jean Barlow
Jean Barlow, Interi Founder & Creative Director

She believes the angel wing collection will inspire people — something the world needs more now than ever. “In times of adversity, many turn to art for inspiration,” says Barlow. “The angel wing represents faith, hope, and protection. My hope is that people would be inspired by these pieces and know that they are never alone.”

Wishing you hope and happiness as these angel wings help you take flight into 2021.