Decorative Gift Ideas

Beautiful Gifts, Inspiring Creators

Looking for holiday gift ideas for your beloved this season? Discover inspiring, luxury, exquisite, and unique gifts this holiday with our guide – all hand-selected by Interi’s founder and creative director, Jean O’Reilly Barlow. Interi is a female-owned-and-driven small art label and design company. We wanted to highlight other fellow female creatives and entrepreneurs that produce incredible work. Give a gift that every design enthusiast would love and be inspired by these amazing artists and businesswomen.

Piper Collection

Founded in 2012 by textile designer, Whitney Caudle Kelly, Piper offers inspired living through high-end products, exclusive designs, and timeless style. Featuring vibrant color combinations and graphic textures, Piper brings luxury and sophisticated textiles to the contemporary home. Each pillow and accessory is beautifully crafted by highly skilled artisans in North Carolina & India. 

Iveagh and Row

Lauren Dillon is the creative director of Master of Plaster, a company that produces some of the most sought-after, handcrafted limestone putty plaster in the U.S. A few years ago, Dillon also started Iveagh and Row, a branch of the business that produces beautiful creations from the MOP studio. Here she handcrafts original plaster pieces using flower blooms and branches as organic molds – creating lovely wall pieces to grace any home or space.

Donna Benedetto Art

Donna Benedetto is the principal interior designer of Donna Benedetto Designs, artist and self-proclaimed modern day Renaissance woman. Benedetto began creating custom pieces for her client’s homes and from there, her art increased high in demand. Now she creates exquisite custom art collections for other designers and has several pieces featured in boutiques. To make her pieces even more special, a portion of each sale is donated to charity.


Interi’s vision is to preserve and transform rare 18th century Italian artifacts and minerals into sculptural works of old and new. Jean O’Reilly Barlow, the artist and creative director of Interi, reimagines each piece with precious gems, minerals, agate coral, and shells to bring together a contemporary yet historically significant work of art. Discover a present that will be come an heirloom: Museum-worthy artifacts combined with organic modern pieces.

Wishing you hope, joy, and love this holiday season.


The Interi Girls